Valencia, Spain

No active steam was seen here but I did see this little gem plinthed in the grounds of Valencia Fuente San Luis depot. It can be seen from the platform at the station of the same name. Details will be added shortly.


The following five pictures were taken at Valencia Fuente San Luis station with permission and show 250.022-1 stabled, 251.024-6 on an east-bound steel coil train, 252.046-4 with a motorail train (it reversed to here from the terminus before continuing its journey), 269.027 with 269.071 on a west-bound tanker train and a diesel shunter working in the depot. There are several yards further east, the first just beyond the depot and others by the docks while the main line continues to Barcelona and beyond. To the west is a junction with lines radiating to Valencia Nord terminus, Madrid (via two routes), Alicante, Murcia, Alcoy and Gandia.


The next five pictures were taken at Valencia Nord and show 252.014-6 and 252.065-8 in two very different liveries, EMU 447-024, a Euromed driving car and an Alaris EMU. These last two always use platforms 2 & 3 which have airline-type security checks with baggage scanners while the other platforms are open - and a number of passengers simply walk across the tracks at the other end of the platforms!


Finally some views of Valencia Nord station.

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